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1) HOTTEST BOY- I wrote “Hottest Boy” in the mindset of a *curious girl, wanting to dance, but hesitate because of my past experience with love at first sight, by the end of the song, we dance the night away! (CHECK OUT THE VIDEO-available on YOUTUBE, IRIS P- HOTTEST BOY)

Recorded by:Judah Clan Productions 
Mixed by: engineer,Mixed By Rich

2) ON FLEEK- I’m feeling great, I’m feeling beautiful, everyone is dancing, eating, sipping, smiling and all is well; partners are made at jolly times like this.

Recorded by: Judah Clan Productions mixed by: engineer,Mixed By Rich

3) EVERYTHING IS NICE- A song in remembrance, a song of empathy for all who deal with someone’s death.
In dedication to Keith A. Harrison Jr., specially featured by his brother Hick Pulla.

Recorded by:Judah Clan Productions Mixed by: engineer, Mixed by Rich

4) Forever- A classic from IRIS P. Big up to this 2010 classic, ((back by popular demand, a song from my MySpace page))

Produced by Judah Clan Productions
Mixed by: engineer, Mixed By Judah Clan Productions 
Mastered by: engineer, Mixed By Rich

5) IM GONE- The break up song. Everybody has their limits.

Produced by: engineer, Mix By Rich 
Mixed by:engineer, Mixed by Rich

6) MUSIC- A confession from IRIS P.

Recorded by:engineer, Mix By Rich